We are affiliated with top ads networks to supply the highest paying offers and surveys. When you complete a survey or offer, we get paid by them, and we use it to buy the rewards and give it to you. Ofcourse we keep a small profit to keep the site running.

  1. Do not make more than one account.
  2. Do not use a VPN.
  3. Do not use fake information on surveys or offers.
  4. Do not use scripts.
  5. Do not break any rules on our partner's sites.
  6. Do not attempt to game the system in any way.

Earning Coins

Coins can be earned by completing offers, watching videos, and taking surveys. You can also earn by inviting others to OGloot.

  1. Make sure you really completed all the offer's requirements.
  2. Don't panic. Sometimes it takes time, could just be delayed.
  3. In case time passes and you don't receive your coins, you need to contact the survey partner. You will need a screenshot to proof that you completed the offer. You can upload the screenshot to or a similiar hoster. If you have received an email containing the offer activation, also paste it into the message field of the support ticket.

My Account

If your account has been banned, this means you did not follow the site rules!

Here are some of the possible reasons:

  • You've created more than one account.
  • You've used a proxy/VPN to complete an offer/video.
  • You've completed surveys illegitimately.
  • You've ran scripts/bots.
  • Attempted to cheat our system.

If you think there was a mistake feel free to contact us.

Send a support ticket in and withing a couple days we will have the account deleted. You will no longer be able to use the same account information in the future.


  1. Share your referral link
  2. New user, signs up for
  3. You earn 10% of what they make

Once a user signs up they can't change who they are referred to.
In order for a referral to count, they need to sign up with your unique referral link.

Referrals are through browser cookies, if someone deletes their cookies or has them disabled while clicking on your referral link, it won't count as a referral on your end. After someone signs up, their referrer is locked and we can't change it.


It can take up to 72 hours to process an order.

You can find your activation key in the "Orders" page. Click on "View Key" button to view it.

Please email us with the screen shot of the error message, we will check and fix it for you.